Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Julie's Review: The Grace Kelly Dress

Author: Brenda Janowitz
Series: None
Publication Date: March 3, 2020
Publisher: Graydon House
Pages: 336
Obtained: publisher via Netgalley
Genre:  Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction
Rating: 5/5
Bottom Line: Family history and tradition is important
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Summary: Two years after Grace Kelly’s royal wedding, her iconic dress is still all the rage in Paris—and one replica, and the secrets it carries, will inspire three generations of women to forge their own paths in life and in love. Paris, 1958: Rose, a seamstress at a fashionable atelier, has been entrusted with sewing a Grace Kelly—look-alike gown for a wealthy bride-to-be. But when, against better judgment, she finds herself falling in love with the bride’s handsome brother, Rose must make an impossible choice, one that could put all she’s worked for at risk: love, security and of course, the dress. Sixty years later, tech CEO Rachel, who goes by the childhood nickname “Rocky,” has inherited the dress for her upcoming wedding in New York City. But there’s just one problem: Rocky doesn’t want to wear it. A family heirloom dating back to the 1950s, the dress just isn’t her. Rocky knows this admission will break her mother Joan’s heart. But what she doesn’t know is why Joan insists on the dress—or the heartbreaking secret that changed her mother’s life decades before, as she herself prepared to wear it. As the lives of these three women come together in surprising ways, the revelation of the dress’s history collides with long-buried family heartaches. And in the lead-up to Rocky’s wedding, they’ll have to confront the past before they can embrace the beautiful possibilities of the future.

Review: I've loved Brenda's books since I read The Dinner Party and following her on Instagram has made me adore her as a person. What I love about following Brenda and other authors is knowing how long it takes them to formulate a book, write a book, edit a book and get it to print. So I love it when they reveal what they've been working on. I'm saying all of this because this book was on my radar for a long time and it didn't disappoint.

All families have their traditions, Rocky's is the wedding dress that her Grand-Mere and Mom wore when they got married. Now it is her turn to wear the dress but she doesn't really want to wear it. Rocky isn't one for traditional dresses or life paths but she doesn't know how to tell her mom. It seems super important to her for Rocky to wear the dress. Rocky has never really known how to relate to her mom and her dad helped smooth things over but he's not around anymore.

We also get the history of a dress that is made at the height of the Grace Kelly craze after she married her Prince. We are introduced to a seamstress tasked with making a dress for a French socialite. Little does Rose know is that making this dress will change the course of her life forever.

I loved that each of the women from different generations were all strong in their own way. Each of them couldn’t be more different but it some ways the same. Understanding our family past is important for understanding our future.

The story of the dress is interwoven into a story about being true to yourself, your heart and your soul. It’s is the fabric of women in the story for generations to come.

It was a wonderful story of family, love and making the past your own.



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