Thursday, October 18, 2018


Well as some of you have probably noticed the content here on Girls Just Reading has been a bit light and on/off since the summer. A few things happened to make this an occurrence:

1) Work
2) Kids
3) Work
4) Back to School

We've had a huge enterprise-wide project going on for 18 months and this summer was one of the biggest portions of it. So it meant no lunch time reading and limited reading at night. Plus juggling the kids' schedules with the crazy work priorities was tough.

I also decided to go back and finish my last class for my MBA in September so again that crept into my reading time. Plus our project is at the end (HALLELUJAH!!), so that means more time for reading.

I have a huge stack of great books to get to so I hope you'll stick around to see the blog come back to life.



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