Friday, November 29, 2013

Book to Movie: Catching Fire

 photo CatchingFire_zpsf11be866.jpg Movie Review: Let me be clear that I saw the first Hunger Games movie before reading the book. I am happy to say that I read Catching Fire before seeing the movie this time. Let me say this there was not nearly enough Cinna in this movie. Cinna was instrumental in keeping Katniss grounded throughout the first part of the novel. Plus, let's be honest any minute Lenny Kravitz is on the screen is a heavenly one.

Katinss is in a tough spot and she's vulnerable and yes love torn. She is so young that she doesn't know how to handle have feelings for two young men at a time. Both Gale and Peeta are good for Katniss but in very different ways. She knows that Peeta is the "better" of the two of them and makes a pact with Haymitch to save Peeta no matter what. Of course, what do you think Peeta did?

I will admit that Peeta didn't drive me as bonkers in Catching Fire as he did in The Hunger Games. He's less whiny and less "whatever you say, Katniss". He's grown some backbone here. It's good because if Katniss is going to have a partner to get her through the Quell and beyond, she needs someone to challenge her. That is something that Gale excels at with her.

I love the costumes and set designs in this movie. After reading the series, I do say that they have captured Panem and the districts perfectly.  I loved the wedding dress that sprouted wings and turned Katniss into the true Mockingjay. Although it isn't until the next book/movie that she embodies being the Mockingjay.

I can't wait to see the movie again but it probably won't be until it's out on DVD. A movie can never fully capture every thing that is in the book but this one came close.

Book to Movie: 4.75/5



thecuecard December 6, 2013 at 5:35 PM  

Yes I agree. The movie came close but ultimately of course the books are better! The sets and costumes were great in this one, and the expanded cast made it interesting. Here are some of my thoughts on it at:

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