Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jenn's Review: The Magician

 Blurb:  After fleeing Ojai, Nicholas, Sophie, Josh, and Scatty emerge in Paris, the City of Lights. Homefor Nicholas Flamel. Only this homecoming is anything but sweet. Perenelle is still locked up back in Alcatraz and Paris is teeming with enemies. Niccolo Machiavelli, immortal author and celebrated art collector, is working for Dee. He’s after them, and time is running out for Nicholas and Perenelle. For every day spent without the Book of Abraham the Mage, they age one year-their magic becoming weaker and their bodies more frail. For Flamel, the Prophecy is becoming more and more clear.

It’s time for Sophie to learn the second elemental magic: Fire Magic. And there’s only one man who can teach it to her: Flamel’s old student, the Comte de Saint-Germain-alchemist, magician, and rock star. Josh and Sophie Newman are the world’s only hope-if they don’t turn on each other first.
Review:  Michael Scott makes his series very hard to put down.  Once again I got to the last page and found myself hollering, "NO!"  Honestly, I'm glad I didn't get into his books when they first came out because his cliff hangers are killer.  Not that they aren't pausing places in the story, they are, but not places where you want to pause for an extended period.  Really, this seems more like an epic than a series.

I found myself becoming more and more frustrated with Josh.  I understand his concern for himself and his sister but he continues to miss the big picture... or maybe he just doesn't want to see it.  He continues to look for someone to blame instead of looking for a solution.  I know siblings can be different, but these twins are as different as they come.  Josh has an underlying thirst for power and recognition that is more than a little disturbing.  For someone who is so concerned with self preservation he willingly makes an open ended bargain with a god...  

Sophie I understand much better but even she is beginning to be affected by Josh's rampant distrust.  Part of growing up is realizing that choosing sides isn't always black and white, no one is 100% right.  Though it's a hard lesson for Sophie, it's one she is willing to assimilate.

These novels are heavy with mythology and I almost wish their was a glossary.  Whereas I felt like I was on familiar ground with the Percy Jackson novels, this feels more like uncharted territory.  I am familiar with many of the names of the gods but their stories elude me.  While Rick Riordan builds plot exposition into explaining to Percy's ignorance, Michael Scott rushes through it a little more and I can't help but feel like I'm missing out on some deeper level of understanding.  Even still, the read is enthralling.

I will be reading The Sorceress soon, because I must find out the resolution to this saga... although with four books left I'm pretty sure that won't be coming anytime soon.

Final Take:  4/5



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