Sunday, June 24, 2012

Children's Corner: A Baseball Story

Photobucket Review: We are in our first year of t-ball for my 4 year old son and he shows quite a natural ability for the sport. The tough thing we have found is having his attention last the hour long practice and an hour long game. So, when I found A Baseball Story at the recent Usborne book fair, I knew it would teach us some good lessons about not only playing the game but how to act while playing.

We are introduced to Jordan, a young boy who is so excited for his baseball game that he passes us getting ice cream with his friends. As he puts on his uniform and gets ready for the game he needs to check out that he looks a real baseball player.

What we learn from Jordan is that a baseball player is "always ready", whether it's when they are on the field or getting ready to bat. It is important to always to pay attention in the game because you never know when the ball with be coming to you. He said that even though his parents wave to him as he goes onto the field and up to bat that he can't wave back because he "always has to be ready".

Since I've been reading this to him for the last week I have noticed that he is not goofing off as much at practice. When I read him the book and we come to the parts where Jordan is talking about being ready, my son will say it out loud with me. It's nice to see him enjoying a story and the moral of it beginning to sink it. It also does a good job of portraying sportsmanship by showing the kids saying "Good Game". My son has no problem doing this and at this age I think it's OK not to keep score and let everyone bat since they are learning the game.

What's key for me is showing my kids that participating in activities is fun but you still need to learn how to play the right way and means paying attention. I've been trying to teach my son that his coach is just another teacher.

The colors of the book are vibrant and well drawn; perfect for this age group and slightly older. I think it's a great baseball book that focuses a little less on fundamentals and more on sportsmanship and how you always have to be ready to play.



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