Sunday, February 5, 2012

Children's Corner: Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude

Review: In honor of my son's 4th birthday today, I thought I'd do a review of one of his favorite books, Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude. This was a discovery via pre-school where they have the bookmobile visit once a week so the kids can chose books to read in class; which in itself is awesome!! Needless to say, he apparently kept checking out this book week after week because he loved it so much. At first, I will admit the title kind of turned me off but one quick flip-through and I was sold.

The illustrations are wonderful. They are vivid, colorful and lively. They match the story well and bring it to life. What's fun about this one is that it is told from a girl's point of view and a boy's point of view, all while keeping the flow of the story. The girl and boy who are telling the story have little comments throughtout the book as the other is telling their version of it.

My son really gets into the story and will occasionally have me insert his name in the book as the "cool dude" while I'm reading it. It doesn't hurt that my daughter gets a kick out of it as well. Sometimes, her brother will even have me read her name as the Princess.

I love unconventional children's books and while I might not have plucked this one off the shelf, I'm glad he discovered it. It's definitely a keeper. It also has a great lesson about working together on something even if you don't agree. Something that some adults could learn as well. My husband and I chuckle at the book because we can only imagine our kids saying some of these things in their future lives.

I definitely recommend this book if you have a children in your house that are of the opposite sex because I think each of them would enjoy it for other reasons.

And hey what do you know,  there's a sequel out called: Once Upon a Royal Superbaby!! Guess who will be getting that sometime soon?!



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