Sunday, February 12, 2012

Children's Corner: Me and My Dragon

"Some kids want a dog. Others would like a cat.  I want a dragon!  But not a big dragon.  A big dragon wouldn't fit in my house.  I wouldn't want a three-headed dragon either.  It might not get along with itself.  I'd choose a fire-breathing dragon..."  Thus starts an amusing rumination on the benefits and drawbacks of having a fire-breathing pet dragon.  (I live in Buffalo, NY, so I totally want it for the demonstrated snow clearing purpose...)

The illustrations in this are brilliant, figuratively and literally and they really bring the story to life.  They're detailed without being cluttered and add little things to observe and chuckle over, like the dragon's knight doll and the corrugated castle the boy creates as a 'house' for his pet.  It leaves plenty of scope for the imagination.

Kidlet and I have been chuckling about it since we brought it home from the library, and I think this one is going to make it into the permanent collection.  It's just that fun.  And maybe, just maybe, it will help me dissuade my daughter's desire for a pet monkey...



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