Sunday, January 8, 2012

Children's Corner: Slam Dunk

Review: When we found out that our second child was going to be a boy, I knew I lost control of the decor in his room and I also knew it would be sports related.

So when my husband started filling our son's crib with every kind of ball imaginable I knew that it was time to get a book related to a sport. Our first sports related book was Slam Dunk! My Basketball Book by David Diehl. It's the perfect board book for a little one who is interested in the game of basketball. It explains the elements of the game and also goes into the basics of how to play the game. The pictures are perfect for a little one and the words are big and clear as well. Our son will be 4 shortly and he still loves this book. He can now recite to us the words that go with the pictures and he loves to "read" the book on his own.

I highly recommend this book for the young sports fan in your family. I know that David Diehl has written similar books for baseball and football but they are hard to come by.



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