Friday, February 4, 2011

Julie's Review: Absolutely, Positively

Summary: “Exposed” by a Boston Herald reporter, Lucy is suddenly the talk of the town. Long back-story short: Even though the rest of her Valentine ancestors were blessed by Cupid with psychic abilities, Lucy’s only special power lies in her ability to find things. This skill has proven quite a blessing for those who come to her matchmaking agency in search of finding their long-lost loves. Now that Lucy’s secret is out, she has more new clients than she knows what to do with. But soon a certain man of mystery steals Lucy’s spotlight. No, it’s not Sean Donahue, the sexy fireman-turned-private-eye who’s stolen Lucy’s heart. It’s a masked man in a cowboy hat, dubbed “The Lone Ranger,” who’s been throwing handfuls of cash across the Common. Now all of Beantown’s abuzz. Can Lucy unmask the mysterious money man, track down all her clients’ old flames, and turn up the heat on her love life? Absolutely, positively.

Review: Usually I don't read the same author this close together but I just adore these Lucy Valentine adventures. So, Absolutely, Positively didn't stay on my TBR pile for very long.

What I like about these novels is that in the first 50 or so pages, Ms. Webber puts the history of Lucy interwoven into the current story. That way if this is the first Lucy adventure you are reading, you understand her backstory and if you are an avid reader, you get a refresher. Lucy has three mysteries to investigate in Absolutely, Positively. The first one is attached to her division of Valentine, Inc, Lost Loves. Meghan was a foster child who fell in love with another foster kid and due to circumstances beyond their control, they were separated. Now Meghan is asking Lucy for her help in locating Tristan. There's also the mysterious Lone Ranger, who's in the common throwing money around like it's going out of style. The last one is the case of Mac Gladstone, who mysteriously went missing while walking his dog Rufus.

As with all her Lost Love cases, Preston Bailey is along for the ride as roving reporter for South Shore newspaper but somehow Preston always ends up in the middle of things. It's no different when they start looking to Tristan Rourke for Meghan. Of course, Tristan is a bit of a slippery character and Lucy starts having her doubts. In the meantime, Sean and her investigate the disappearance of Mac Gladstone and his son-in-law Rick Hayes becomes the lead suspect, in Lucy's eyes. He's a down on his luck rock star, whom is also broke and Mac is loaded.

This time somehow one of Lucy's cases has the FBI trailing her and Sean's every move. What did she get mixed up in this time? Will she find her way out of it?

We also get more visions of Lucy and Sean and their future. Lucy is starting to deal with her fears about being in love with Sean. And while most of them revolve around her family's curse but some of it is because of Sean's health. She is closer to learning to trust herself and her heart, but she still has a way to go.

Since nothing is resolved at the end of the book, I am hoping that we see Lucy very soon. I know I will miss her in the interim.

Ms. Webber has a very likable heroine in Lucy Valentine and the other cast of characters. I can't wait to read them all again. :)

Final Take: 4.75/5



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