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Author Interview: Heather Webber

Photobucket So, we at Girls Just Reading really love Author Interviews; so I am beyond excited to bring you an interview with Heather Webber, author of the delightful Lucy Valentine series. Thanks to Heather for taking time out to answer my questions.

GJR: I just adore Lucy, is she based specifically on anyone? What do you think makes her so endearing?

Heather Webber (HW): I adore her, too. She’s not based on anyone at all, and I’m not entirely sure where the character came from. She was just there, and from the first line of Truly, Madly I felt like I knew who she was. I think what makes her so endearing is that (I hope) everyone can see a little bit of themselves in her. Whether they eat Twinkies for breakfast or don’t think twice about taking in a wounded pet... She’s also, especially as the series opens, really filled with self-doubt and concern about what her future holds. I think we’ve all experienced that a time or two—she’s very relatable to a lot of people.

GJR: What made you think of the paranormal aspect of the mystery/romance for the Lucy novels? I’m not a huge paranormal fan but I just loved these because I don’t think that it overshadows the point of the books.

HW: I grew up watching Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, so I always had a love for the lighter side of woo-woo. I’ve also always been fascinated with psychics, John Edward in particular. So I decided to take those interests and blend them together. Lucy was born.

GJR: Besides Lucy, who is your favorite character in these novels?

HW: It’s so hard to pick a favorite! I have to admit I’ve really come to love Preston. She’s grown on me a lot over the series. Another favorite is Raphael. I adore him. Oh, and Grendel. He’s such a scene stealer.

GJR: Do you ever wish for Lucy’s gift? If you had Lucy’s gift, how would you use it?

HW: I don’t think I’d want the responsibility of Lucy’s gift. I don’t know if I could handle all the missing persons cases she takes on—and the guilt that sometimes comes along when she can’t help a family.

GJR: In the 2nd and 3rd novels, you reveal a couple of big twists that will impact Lucy and her family in the future. Will we see the fallout of these revelations in the future? Will the further influence Lucy’s view of love and commitment?

HW: These fallouts will definitely be explored. And I think Lucy’s views will always be a little skewed, but she’s working on it!

GJR: Have you always wanted to be a writer? How do you approach writing?

HW: I grew up wanting to be a medical examiner. Life didn’t quite work out that way, though, and I started writing in my mid-twenties and haven’t looked back. I always approach each book with the same goal. I want to write books that let readers escape for a little while, bring them to another place, and let them forget about life for a few hours. Hopefully they’ve smiled or laughed along the way.

GJR: Who are your favorite authors to read? Why?

HW: So many—too many to name! I love romance and mystery—and memoirs of all things. I really love books that have a satisfying ending. Either a happily ever after or a mystery where the bad guy gets his comeuppance. I’m pretty easy to please!

GJR: What are you currently reading?

HW: I’m in the middle of Lorraine Bartlett’s A Crafty Killing, which is very good. I’m on deadline right now, so finding time to read is harder and harder.

GJR: You have teenagers; do they share a love of reading or writing with you? How do you encourage your teens to read?

HW: Two of my three love to read. The key for them is to let them pick the books they’re interested in. I bring them to the book store and let them roam – they always find something. My oldest isn’t a big reader, but he does love audio books and will download them from Itunes.

GJR: I have to know, are there more adventures for Lucy Valentine in our future? What else are you currently working on?

HW: Plans for a fourth Lucy book are in the works, but I don’t know when, or with which publisher. Hopefully I’ll have some news soon. Right now I’m working on It Takes a Witch, a paranormal mystery featuring novice witch Darcy Merriweather. It will be out in January 2012 under my brand new pen name Heather Blake.

For more information on Heather and her books, check out her website here.



Alice February 14, 2011 at 10:43 AM  

Oh, my blasted to be read pile! I would love to get to know Lucy!

Great Author Interview, Julie.

lisa :) February 14, 2011 at 3:21 PM  

Great interview! It's always great to see that Heather is as smart, fun and charming as her heroines!

Heather Webber February 15, 2011 at 7:52 AM  

Thank you so much for the great interview, Julie. :)

Dru February 15, 2011 at 8:49 AM  

Great interview.

I'm so happy there will (crossing fingers) be a fourth Lucy book. I just love her and her family.

I'm also looking forward to the new adventures with Darcy.

The one thing I like about the Lucy books is that the paranormal aspect is not the main focus.

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