Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Julie's Review: Secrets of the Hollywood Girls Club

Summary: The ripsnorter sequel to Hollywood Girls Club revolves around sex and plastic surgery secrets that, if revealed, would destroy movie queen Celeste Cici Solange and likely sink movie studios and destroy high-power industry marriages. If that sounds like fun, it is. Our world, our business, has nothing to do with substance or reality, lectures Kiki Dee, the bad-ass publicist who collects stars' secrets like Donald Trump amasses real estate. But superficial doesn't come cheap in Hollywood, where A-lister Cici covertly goes under the knife knowing her public expected her to personify youth and to age gracefully and that aging gracefully meant aging very little at all. The surfacing of Cici's other secret—a sex tape made by her ex—sets off a madcap plan to get it back before it hits big on the internet or her husband (and Worldwide Pictures honcho) Ted Robinoff finds out that it exists. Along the way, screenwriter Mary Anne Meyers rises to celebrity on the arm of screen idol Holden Humphrey; Jessica Caufield transitions from agent to big-time manager-producer-wife-and-mom; and production chief Lydia Albright's uncertain about her future. Marr's prose is fast and sharp, and she keeps the plots flying.~amazon.com

Review: Secrets of the Hollywood Girls Club is a good, curl up and get an inside peak at the inner workings of Hollywood book. I've been a bit obsessed with Hollywood since my early teen years and it has waned since having 2 kids under 3 but I'm still fascinated with it and Secrets doesn't disappoint. To me it was fun to wonder who in Hollywood these characters were based on and who Maggie Marr is, my guess, a combination of Lydia and Mary Anne. I'm guess that Holden could be based on George Clooney, well at least that's the picture that was in my head while reading.

There are two main mysteries in the book and one had me guessing until the reveal towards the end of the book. The other mystery was good and resolved in such a way that was nice and yet predictable. I was so far off on my thinking which is what made it that much more enjoyable. There are a few good twists and turns in the book which kept my interest. I found all of the main female characters likable and endearing. They were all smart and successful and tried to resolve things on their own. Another thing I liked is that none of the characters were too cartoonish which I think can happen when someone writes a book about Hollywood. I also don't think you need to read the first book to be able to follow this one. There are a few references to what happened in the previous installment but nothing that muddled this one. In fact I'd probably go and get the first one to see what the back story on some of these characters.

Of course, some of it is predictable but nothing that I rolled my eyes about. In fact, if Ms. Marr does another book in the series I would pick it up for a good "chick-lit" read.

Final Take: 3.75/5


Julie P. April 22, 2008 at 9:44 PM  

Good review!! It was a fun read.

Anonymous ,  April 29, 2008 at 3:09 PM  

Sometimes you just need a really light, easy read. Thanks for the review.

tinylittlelibrarian May 22, 2008 at 1:57 AM  

Thanks for the review - this one sounds like fun!

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