Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lisa's Review: The Little Lady Agency & The Prince

The summary for The Little Lady Agency and the Prince spoils things from the prior two and since this is best enjoyed as a series, I'm opting out of the summary this time.

Have you met Melissa Romney-Jones? What about Honey Blennerhesket? No? Then you should. Melissa and Honey share the task of being the heroine of Browne Little Lady trilogy and The Little Lady Agency and the Prince wraps up the Little Lady trilogy beautifully.

Let's step back for a bit though, we first meet Melissa in The Little Lady Agency, where she's just lost her job as a result of lay-off. After some rather horrifying (to Melissa, hilarious to me) twists, Melissa finds herself attending to the social needs of men. Plagued with inexplicably low self-esteem, she finds that she needs some help - the kind of help which comes in the form of a beautiful blond wig. On it goes and tada - Honey Blennerhesket! Sassy and feisty, one-whip-and-a-pair-of-patent-leather-boots-shy-of-a-dominatrix, Honey. And so it begins...

Back to Prince, this one finds Melissa coming to terms with who she is, the fact that her family won't change and wrapping up the romance aspect and doing so quite nicely.

This is standard chick-lit fare, but by far one of the more original plots, I've read in a while. It's well-written and the dialogue is snappy and funny. In my mind, there truly is no comparison, but if you enjoyed the series by a certain other british author, you'll love these books.

Final Take: 4.25/5


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