Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Monthly Rewind: November

I wanted to try a little something new here and see how it goes. I thought it might be fun to see how the books I read the previous month fell out. I'll include both books I've read and listened to for the month. 

* Denotes Audiobooks

Home Run (You should run and get this): 


I know I'm late to the Four Winds party but it was spectacular. Pick any one of these fantastic books up right away! 

Triple(You really don't want to miss it):

Double(You could get on the waiting list at the library and be ok):

Single(Wait it out): N/A

StrikeOuts(Don't bother):  N/A

Kind of a light month but read some fantastic books. I also took a few days off throughout the month so my audiobook listening was a bit limited. Definitely looking forward to a great month of reading in December. 


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