Thursday, July 25, 2019

Julie's Review: How to Hack a Heartbreak

Author: Kristin Rockaway
Series: None
Publication Date: July 30, 2019
Publisher: Graydon House
Pages: 352
Obtained: publisher via Netgalley
Genre:  Romance
Rating: 5/5
Bottom Line: More than a Romance novel 
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Summary: Swipe right for love. Swipe left for disaster. By day, Mel Strickland is an underemployed helpdesk tech at a startup incubator, Hatch, where she helps entitled brogrammers--"Hatchlings"--who can't even fix their own laptops, but are apparently the next wave of startup geniuses. And by night, she goes on bad dates with misbehaving dudes she's matched with on the ubiquitous dating app, Fluttr. But after one dick pic too many, Mel has had it. Using her brilliant coding skills, she designs an app of her own, one that allows users to log harrassers and abusers in online dating space. It's called JerkAlert, and it goes viral overnight. Mel is suddenly in way over her head. Worse still, her almost-boyfriend, the dreamy Alex Hernandez--the only non-douchey guy at Hatch--has no idea she's the brains behind the app. Soon, Mel is faced with a terrible choice: one that could destroy her career, love life, and friendships, or change her life forever.

Review: Let the Girl Programmers reign begin and last long! So, so many great things about this novel but mostly it’s about empowerment and taking control of the things you can and letting go of the things that aren't within your control.  Melanie works at a company that is all bros and it’s wearing her down.  She is verbally harassed daily with no backing of her boss or the CEO. Well that and the fact that the dating app Fluttr keeps disappointing her with the men that seem to respond to with pictures of their junk or standing her up.

So, when she gets tired of it and creates #JerkAlert she feels that things are turning around for her. Will #JerkAlert be the answer to her dating and work problems? Or will it just create more issues for her.  Not to mention her love life is starting to look up when the guy she's mooned over at the office seems to be interested in her as well.

But just as things are turning around things fall apart just as easy but it is how Melanie responds to it is what makes her resilient and innovative.

I kept cheering Melanie and her awesome friends on throughout the course of the book. This is all about women supporting women, female empowerment and finding your place in the world. I highly recommend this one! This is one that you will want all your friends reading the rest of the summer.


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