Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Julie's Reviews: The Travelers

Author: Chris Pavone
Series: None
Publication Date: March 8, 2016
Publisher: Crown Publishing
Pages: 448
Obtained: Amazon Vine
Genre:  Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 4/5
Bottom Line: Fast paced, spy thriller
Grab, Just get it at the library, or Remove from your TBR list? Grab!
Summary: It’s 3:00am. Do you know where your husband is? Meet Will Rhodes: travel writer, recently married, barely solvent, his idealism rapidly giving way to disillusionment and the worry that he’s living the wrong life. Then one night, on assignment for the award-winning Travelers magazine in the wine region of Argentina, a beautiful woman makes him an offer he can’t refuse. Soon Will’s bad choices—and dark secrets—take him across Europe, from a chateau in Bordeaux to a midnight raid on a Paris mansion, from a dive bar in Dublin to a mega-yacht in the Mediterranean and an isolated cabin perched on the rugged cliffs of Iceland. As he’s drawn further into a tangled web of international intrigue, it becomes clear that nothing about Will Rhodes was ever ordinary, that the network of deception ensnaring him is part of an immense and deadly conspiracy with terrifying global implications—and that the people closest to him may pose the greatest threat of all. It’s 3:00am. Your husband has just become a spy. ~amazon.com  

Review: Let's get this out of the way immediately, there is not one truly likable character in Chris Pavone's The Travelers but this reader was perfectly fine with that because well it's a spy novel. Will is a travel writer for the magazine, The Travelers, which means he gets to spend a ton of time overseas in wonderful locations. He also has shoe boxes in his closet full of different currency, which I found ingenious. He's also a bit of a cad. He likes to think he's a good guy but a good, married guy doesn't give in to flirting. Of course if he doesn't, then there is no novel.

Chloe isn't exactly wife of the year but it's not to hard to figure out who she is and what she does.  Malcolm is obviously shady but how shady is he? Who exactly is he and whom does he work for? How far does it reach?

I loved trying to figure out how this was going to play out. Which side were the characters on? In the spy game is there really good vs. evil or many varieties of gray. At times the plot can get a bit convoluted but I tend to forgive that in these types of books. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and what made them tick, even if I didn't particularly like them, by the end I knew why they acted the way they did. It's not like spies are the most honest people; they lie for a living.

If you are looking for a novel that is an escape in some great world locations, then The Travelers is for you.  This would definitely make an excellent, fast-paced movie and I look forward to it being in the theaters at some point.



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