Thursday, June 11, 2015

Julie's Review: Movie Star By Lizzie Pepper

Author: Hilary Liftin
Series: None
Publication Date: July 1, 2015
Publisher: Viking Books
Pages: 352
Obtained: Amazon Vine
Genre:  Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 4/5
Bottom Line: Ripped from tabloids and enjoyable for those who have an interest in the secret lives of celebrities
Grab, Just get it at the library, or Remove from your TBR list? Grab!
Summary: Actress Lizzie Pepper was America’s Girl Next Door and her marriage to Hollywood mega-star Rob Mars was tabloid gold—a whirlwind romance and an elaborate celebrity-studded wedding landed them on the cover of every celebrity weekly. But fame, beauty, and wealth weren’t enough to keep their marriage together. Hollywood’s “It” couple are over—and now Lizzie is going to tell her side of the story. Celebrity ghostwriter Hilary Liftin chronicles the tabloids’ favorite marriage as Lizzie Pepper realizes that, when the curtain falls, her romance isn’t what she and everyone else thought. From her lonely holidays in sumptuous villas to her husband’s deep commitment to a disconcertingly repressive mind-body group, Lizzie reveals a side of fame that her fans never get to see in a story that will have every reader guessing the real-life inspirations for its players. Full of twists and turns, Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper is a breathless journey to the heights of Hollywood power and royalty and a life in the spotlight that is nearly impossible to escape.

Review: Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper is fiction on top of fiction. What I mean by that is that you know off that bat that the idea came from all the tabloid stories about Scientology, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Now, that doesn't mean it's not enthralling because it pretty much sucked me down the celebrity rabbit hole.

Lizzie Pepper is famous because of a show she did when she was 17, when she was America's Sweetheart. She's been in a variety of independent films but isn't what I could call a superstar.  Of course that's all about to change when she meets and subsequently dates and then marries Rob Mars, the most eligible bachelor on the plant. She's head over heels in love with him and he is in love with her. As she wants to immerse herself into his life, she begins to go to One Cell, the group/belief system that Rob credits with helping him be the man and actor he is today.

Lizzie figures if it helped Rob, it can help her. She decides to sign up for classes and learn how to practice their beliefs. Essentially they want you to void yourself of all emotion. Call my crazy but don't actors have to be in touch with their feelings in order to show that on film?

We are with Lizzie on this journey as she reflects on it through her memoir. It's not hard to like Lizzie and root for her. You also wonder why it took her so long to open her eyes. We don't really get to know Rob because this is her story. You get the feeling though that Rob doesn't even know who he is behind the facade that he has created.

If you are at all interested in celebrity life, then Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper is for you. You can't help but get hooked into the peek into Hollywood life. Although I walked away thinking how lonely it must really be for these "A-Listers". It definitely makes a good pool or beach read. Heck, I read it anywhere I could.



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