Sunday, July 13, 2014

Children's Corner: Heidi Heckelbeck

 So this summer since my daughter is now reading, Mo Willems by herself, I've started looking for chapter books that my husband and I can read to her that she can graduate to reading herself by the end of the upcoming school year.

We have and Ivy and Bean collection, but sometimes they are still a little much for my daughter on a difficulty level; it will take longer for her to grow into them.  We discovered Heidi Heckelbeck by chance and we've been enjoying her immensely.  Whereas Ivy & Bean chapters can run a little long, I find Heidi Heckelbeck's to be the perfect length ...and just like Ivy and Bean, the subject matter is intriguing for a six year old without being drab for mom and dad. What I love about Wanda Coven's writing is that she manages to get a hook into every chapter that pulls you to the next, and for a blooming reader, I think that's really important.  These books are going to propel my daughter into reading more and I love them for it!  The Heidi Heckelbeck books are gold!!!



Anonymous ,  July 17, 2014 at 9:48 AM  

Thanks for the recommendation! My son is just learning some sight words an loves Mo Willems. I'll have to check these out.

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