Sunday, April 6, 2014

Children's Corner: Mo Willems

It's that time again on the blog where we highlight a favorite of ours...Mo Willems! We are HUGE, HUGE fans of all of his books but we recently bought 2 of his newer books; I'm a Frog! and Let's Go for a Drive!.

Not only are the kids thrilled with the 2 new acquisitions but my son even pulled out the Knuffle Bunny books to read for a night. This meant that my daughter had to come in and steal them after he was done with them to read them.

I love, love, love the friendship between Piggie and Gerald. They truly adore each other and bring out the best in each other. My kids and I crack up every time we read their adventures and these two are no different. I think my favorite out of these two are Let's Go for a Drive because of what Piggie does at the end.

Mo Willems never disappoints and he will be an author I always look forward to reading.



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