Sunday, October 6, 2013

Children's Corner: Dan Gutman Books

Review: I can't really remember how my 8 year old daughter got turned onto these novels but she loves them. We have a good start to the My Weird School Daze books but we need to start growing our My Weirder School set.

While my daughter loves these and they crack her up, I find myself wondering about them at times. The main character, AJ, hates school and it's pretty much reiterated in each book. I'm not sure how comfortable I am about that aspect. The teachers are always a little silly, a little airheaded or a little strange. We do talk about the questionable parts at times. I know she isn't going to not like school because of a character but I always have to check in. I haven't read one with her in a while because we are at the point of encourging her to read on her own.

I do know that he has a series of books about baseball and once my son is a bit older, I will be investing in those for him. Although, I will say these books will be good books for him to read as well. Anything to get them to read.

While they might not be my choice, there isn't anything harmful in them and they do seem to be wildly popular with the kids.



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