Sunday, August 18, 2013

Children's Corner: Some Dogs Do

Review: Some Dogs Do is a delightful story about a puppy, Sid, who discovers he can fly on his way to school. When he tells his friends what happened, they dismiss him and make him feel badly about himself. A quick read with a wonderful lesson in it, we love this story.

This is the second time we have checked it out of the library because my son enjoys it so much. It is an easy read for him and well it rhymes so we can't go wrong there. Jez Albrough is quickly becoming a go to author in this house.



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Here is the 2nd period we have checked it from the collection because my kid likes it a great deal. It is really an easy examine for your pet and also properly that poems and we all are unable to make a mistake generally there. Jez Albrough is quickly learning to be a visit creator in this residence.cheapest rs gold
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