Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alice's Review: Eden Close

Summary: A compelling tale of edgy, small-town emotions, lingering obsession, and romantic salvation.  Andrew, after many years, returns to his hometown to attend his mother's funeral. Planning to remain only a few days, he is drawn into the tragic legacy of his childhood friend and beautiful girl next door, Eden Close. An adopted child, Eden had learned to avoid the mother who did not want her and to please the father who did. She also aimed to please Andrew and his friends, first by being one of the boys and later by seducing them. Then one hot night, Andrew was awakened by gunshots and piercing screams from the next farm: Mr. Close had been killed and Eden blinded.  Now, seventeen years later, Andrew begins to uncover the grisly story - to unravel the layers of thwarted love between the husband, wife, and tormented girl. And as the truth about Eden's past comes to light, so too does Andrew's strange and binding attachment to her reveal itself.

Review:  One thing I know for sure is that I am never disappointed when reading a novel by Anita Shreve.  Her characters and her prose enamor me.  Her novels are lyrical and poetic, the perfect example of less is more.

I thoroughly enjoyed Eden Close.  The novel is told in present time with some flashbacks that establish the mystery that carries the reader through the novel.   The mystery is not the only thing that kept me interested, it’s the characters.  Ms. Shreve writes characters that make me want know their deepest secrets and desires.   There are two major plot twists in this novel, one I guessed and one left me reeling. 

I really enjoyed the character of Eden.  She was such an enigma to me.  Between her antics as a child and young teen, to becoming a recluse as an adult, she was someone I wanted to know more.  I also liked Andrew.  I really understood his desire to know the truth of what happened on that night 17 years ago and his turmoil about his future.

As the saying goes, this Eden Close is an oldie, but goodie.  It renewed my love of Anita Shreve.  It’s not the kind of novel you read for your heart, but it is one you will nonetheless enjoy.

Final Take: 4/5



Anonymous ,  April 13, 2013 at 1:01 AM  

I agree with everythig you said! I am a Shreve fan and just read this one a few months ago. Her writing always grabs me and doesn't let go.

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