Friday, April 20, 2012

An Author Event: Ree Drummond

Here's what's happening at Barnes and Nobel in Union Square....

Late last year I discovered a fantastic show.  It was about an accidental country girl living on a ranch with her family, cooking great food and taking beautiful photographs.  Oh, and she's a famous blogger too.  I'm not a long time reader of The Pioneer Woman blog.  I vaguely remember checking it out way back when it started in 2006. I never read her cookbook but thanks to my love of the Food Network, I discovered her.

During her introduction, I texted Julie that "she's purty."  Julie told me I have a girl crush on her, which I am not ashamed to admit is absolutely true. How could I not?  She is amazing, warm and welcoming.  She showed us a visual presentation because she is nervous talking in front of crowds.  I loved the presentation.  It was an intimate portrayal describing how she came to be who she is. She told stories and showed pictures of herself growing up as well as her wedding, her husband and kids, and life on the ranch. These are all things that are presented on her tremendously personal blog, but to have her share them in her own voice was great. 

She didn't talk about the cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks:  Food from my Frontier at all, referencing it briefly in a slide only at the very end.  I did look through the cookbook while waiting for her to sign it.  I'm looking forward to making the gazpacho, fig-prosciutto pizza, and for dessert?  Homemade vanilla bean ice cream with peach-basil topping.  Swoon.

I especially enjoyed her serenading Charlie with Endless Love.  For those you who don't know, Charlie is her basset hound.  Her sweet rendition included singing Charlie's part in a hopeless howl.  Classic.

I wanted to spend more time with her.  She is very amusing, gracious and well, down to earth.  She took her time with each and every person whose books she signed, sharing friendly pleasantries and smiles. 

She also imparting some wisdom on her audience, saying that no matter what you do, be it cook, write, take're going to get better at it the more you do it.  She started a blog as a hobby, posting photos of her family, anecdotes and recipes.  Now is the author of 4 books, stars in her own TV show, and has a well known blog.  Not bad for an accidental country girl.


Meaning April 20, 2012 at 5:42 AM  

Funny. I love B and N Union Square. I haven't been there for 15 years, but I wrote about it last week...

Michelle April 22, 2012 at 9:08 PM  

I have more than a girl crush on Ree. I no longer have cable so I have not have the pleasure of seeing her on TV, but I am an avid follower of her blog and adore her recipes. She inspired me to get my own basset hound, whom I absolutely love and has changed my life forever. It is such a pleasure to hear that she is just as charming and gracious as she comes across on her blog and in print!

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