Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jenn's Review: Crosscut

Crosscut: An Evan Delaney Novel Summary: Evan Delaney knew China Lake was a tough place to grow up. But she never knew how tough until now—she returns to the desert military base for her high school reunion, and learns that a number of her classmates have died young. Then, on the first night of the reunion, another one dies— this one savagely butchered. And she’s just the first. Someone has an axe to grind—and Evan’s graduating class has something to fear.

Review: I have never flipped to the end of a book to read the last page just to make sure everything turns out ok... Until now. Meg Gardiner is a master of suspense, and no one keeps me on the edge of my seat like she does.

This is the fourth book in the Evan Delaney series and it's a nail biter. (And by the way, flipping to the end and reading the last page made me no less anxious.) Evan and Jessie are finally back on solid ground, but the ground is being pulled out from underneath them. Evan has been in some sticky situations before, but this, for me, was the most frightening. I hate seeing calm, collected Evan in so much turmoil. She's been through so much already. (Yes, I realize she's fictional, but I've grown attached to her!)

Meg Gardiner has no qualms about killing off characters, after six books, you'd think I'd know that, but it takes me by surprise every time.  And her plot twists are killer.  I'm always blown away when the climax arrives.  I always have a hard time reviewing Meg Gardiner's books, because I don't want to give anything away, so I won't say much more.

If you love suspense and thrillers, Meg Gardiner is an author you must read.  I love both her Evan Delaney and her Jo Beckett series.  Read them all!  It's imperative!

Final Take:  4.5/5



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