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Julie's Review: Deeply, Desperately

Summary: When we last left Lucy Valentine in Truly, Madly (2010), she was struggling to fit in with her family of psychic matchmakers and to run the family’s matchmaking business. An accident has rid her of her Cupid skills but left her with the ability to find lost objects. In Deeply, Desperately, author Webber gives Lucy the chance to put her unique skills to work in the family company by helping people locate their lost loves. Despite a series of successful reunions, Lucy once again finds herself in over her head and involved in a murder mystery concerning one of her clients. The return of her upstairs neighbor Sean, a handsome private eye, means that Lucy is once again able to solve the mystery while possibly falling in love herself. This is another fun and quirky tale of lovable Lucy Valentine, whose humor and determination make for a whimsical mystery with a romantic twist.

Review: Honestly, if I ever wanted a fiction character to be my friend, it would be Lucy Valentine. I adore her! I purchased this book right before Christmas and it just kept staring at me, so I decided to bump it up on my TBR pile. I mean who can't resist that cover? Deeply, Desperately continues where we left off with Lucy, Oscar, Raphael, Sean, etc. and includes two new "cases" for Lucy. I have to say, Ms. Webber completely caught me off guard with both of these. I didn't see either situation coming to the resolution it did. Woot! I love it when not everything in a romance book is predictable.

Deeply, Desperately is the type of book where you don't want to put it down but that thing called real life gets in the way and you do. In Deeply, Desperately there are several different plots going on but none of them get in the way of the others and they all are wrapped up well but not necessarily with big bows. There is one storyline (I won't spoil it) where I'm anxious to read the fall out of the situation in Absolutely, Positively.

Lucy is lucky enough to have 2 best friends that always have each other's back, a family that loves her and a man that is obviously just as head over heels about her as she is about him. I'm sure the road won't be paved in gold for their romance and relationship but I want to go on that bumpy ride with them. They've already overcome one obstacle, I'm sure they will overcome any others that come their way.

Ms. Webber has a gem of a series here. The third book in the series, Absolutely, Positively, comes out on 2/1/2011 and that can't be soon enough for me.

If you are looking for a quick, fun, delightful read look no further than the Lucy Valentine novels.

Final Take: 4.75/5

Truly, Madly Review



Cathy March 26, 2011 at 10:54 AM  

I too adore Lucy Valentine. I won Truly, Madly in a Goodreads giveaway and was so happy to find how enjoyable the book was when I got it; I rushed out to buy the 2nd one as soon as it came out - unfortunately it's still sitting on my pile and now I"m lagging way behind, with the release of the latest in the series having just come out this year! I may have to follow what you did and bump it up my list! THanks for the review - I'll wait to read your review of #3 til I at least read the 2nd:)

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