Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Want to Laugh? See Jennifer Weiner and Jen Lancaster in person

Jennifer Weiner is on her book tour for Fly Away Home (debuted at #2 on the NYT Bestseller list) and the theme is "Cupcakes Across the Country". So, being that I will try to see her every time she show up in my neck of the woods; my sister and I went. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard at an author event before. You see, her opening act was Jen Lancaster of "Bitter is the New Black" fame. She was the "opening band" for Jennifer Weiner and it was the perfect pairing, similar to that of wine and cheese.

Jen Lancaster read a chapter from her 2nd book Bright Lights, Big Ass: A Self-Indulgent, Surly, Ex-Sorority Girl's Guide to Why it Often Sucks in the City, or Who are These Idiots and Why Do They All Live Next Door to Me? and well I don't think I've laughed as much with an author in a long time. Can't wait to read the book. In fact, my sister and I liked her so much we each bought 2 of her books. Plus I like her because she lives in Chicago and I know the area she's talking about.

Jen Weiner came to the stage and was just as funny, charming and engaging as last year. Her stories about her mom, her nana and life in general are just hilarious. Their family events must be non-stop laughs. One person asked her if she could teach her kids one thing what would it be? She answered with "a sense of humor". I liked that answer because sometimes life is rough and you have to find something to laugh about. She's just extremely genuine. It's always nice to meet someone and know that they are exactly how you made them in your mind.

So my sister and I wait around for a while to get our books signed and pictures. You have to know that my "newer" camera broke and I'm back to using my 8 yr old camera for the last few weeks. So my sis took a picture of me and Jennifer Weiner...that I love and we move to get her picture take. Nope, camera is frozen. My sis, who had a hair coloring incident on Sunday isn't too upset that she can't get it done. We move on to Jen Lancaster. Camera works for my picture, which is great of Jen L and HORRIBLE of me (what happened to my hair in the 2 minutes between authors?!!), so we move on to my sister. Can you guess what happened? Yup, camera conked out again. My poor sis.

We both agreed that we would see Jen and Jen together or separate again. So Jen and Jen be on the look out for your next tour together. We'll be there; with a working camera.

Here are the pictures I took of the event. Please pardon my hair.








Booksnyc July 30, 2010 at 10:32 AM  

what a great pairing! I think Jen Lancaster's books are hilarious and it would be great to see her live. Jennifer Weiner's books are also excellent!

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