Friday, April 16, 2010

Julie's Review: Skin and Bones

Summary: There are plenty of ways to die in a place like Carver Isle, Washington. There is blood, there is sweat and there is soil, and there are the leaves that wither and fall from the trees, crunching underfoot as they're raked into orderly piles. Fall is never anything more than a season in the small Washington town of Carver Isle - until the first child vanishes. None of them could have known what lay in wait for them, crouched at the end of that darkened hallway of a year. It began just two days after the Twin Towers fell, first with one missing child, and then another. When Parker Kelly returns to Carver Isle, she wonders if her disturbed cousin is involved. After confiding in FBI Special Agent Ash, she realizes that the truth lies buried deep in her past. Together, Parker and Ash must solve a puzzle of deceit and manipulation, exhuming secrets both would rather leave undisturbed.

Review: Skin and Bones is a sharply written thriller that immediately brings you into the story. That's a good thing because the book is only 162 pages long. I love books that deal with the FBI, CIA or any other alpha government agency and this was pretty solid. D.C. Corso wrote characters you immediately wanted to know more about because you know there is some damage in their history. Severin Ash (aka Ash)is a great hero who has some baggage.

When my husband read the back of the book his comment was "Oh, a happy story". I'll admit I wasn't sure how I was going to like the child abduction part but I'm relieved to say that really was not the complete focus of the story. Sure, it was the main plot but Ms. Corso didn't go into gruesome details about what happened to the girls. I need to thank her for that.

The book doesn't leave anything loose at the resolution and I appreciate that. I was actually expecting because of the length that something wouldn't be resolved. Sure it's not a nice, neat bow but I rather liked the ending.

It wasn't too hard for me to piece together who was whom in the book regarding the bad guy but nonetheless I was waiting for the characters to catch up to me. It didn't take them too long and then the book came to an exciting climax. You immediately sniff out that Severin and Parker are going to hook up. I was all for it though. They both had a lot in common and truly needed each other.

I also loved the setting of the book. I've never been to Seattle but I can definitely picture it in my head. I loved that Parker's family had an apple orchard. Apple Orchard evoke sweetness and yet are a bit scary at night so it was the perfect setting for the book.

If you are looking for a succinct novel that reels you in and that you can't put down, pick up Skin and Bones by D.C. Corso. I can't say the resolution will be a big twist but it is still worth the read.

I'd like to thank Tracee at Pump Up Your Book for including me on this book tour.

Final Take: 3.75/5

In the kind of related but not really category:

I've noticed lately that no matter what the man's first name is, he always wants to be called by his last name. Is this because I'm reading a lot of CIA, FBI type books? Or is it a trend? Not even in books but in life. My husband's friends call him by his last name all the time. Must be a male thing!


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