Thursday, June 11, 2009

Julie's Review: Shoot Him If He Runs

Summary: Stone Barrington and Holly Barker team up once again in Woods' newest offering, this time to hunt ex-CIA-agent-turned-assassin Teddy Fay at the behest of the director of the CIA, Kate Rule Lee, who also happens to be the wife of President William Lee. Stone and Holly, along with Dino Bacchetti, are dispatched to luxurious St. Marks island, where they spend as much time frolicking in the ocean as they do tracking Teddy. Stone and Holly manage to strike up an acquaintance with Irene Foster, a former CIA employee who was reputed to have had a relationship with Teddy, and her current lover, Harry Pitts. But Stone and Holly soon find themselves caught up in the corrupt local politics, which stand in stark contrast to the balmy paradise the island appears to be. After the chief of police on the island is gunned down, Stone and Holly realize Teddy might be back in business, and the hunt to find him becomes even more urgent. Perennial favorite Woods certainly knows how to keep the pages turning.

Review: Well, I was in the mood for more Stone Barrington, so I moved onto Shoot Him If He Runs where he teams back up with Holly Barker. Sometimes I'm not sure of crossing 2 different series main characters but Stuart Woods does it well. Not only are we joined by Holly Barker but he also incorporates another character, President Will Lee. Now I haven't read any of the books with Will Lee as the main character but I might have to start reading them.
I'm sure that's the point of bringing in Will Lee but heck my dad buys the books so it's not like it's money out of my pocket.

This isn't anything different than the other Stone Barrington novels, except this time instead of Woodman & Weld, he's working for the CIA as he's done in some of the novels in the past. This also makes for a bit more excitement since it's an exotic locale. They are to go to St. Marks to see if Teddy Fay, an ex-CIA employee, is still alive and to keep it quiet if he is. You see Teddy Fay killed a Senator and a Supreme Court Justice and everyone thinks he's dead but the President has reason to believe he's not. Of course we are met with all kinds of interesting characters who make the book a bit more enjoyable.

There are a couple twists and turns during the book but nothing that I was completely shocked by or was unexpected.

As far as Stone Barrington novels go, this was fine but not as good as others. I have 2 more books to go and I'll be caught up with Stone's adventures. Be on the look out for reviews on Hot Mahogany and Loitering with Intent. There is also a new Holly Barker novel being released on 9/22/09, which I will probably read at some point Hothouse Orchid (Holly Barker).

Final Take: 3.5/5


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