Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Julie's Review: Oblivious

Photobucket Summary: Eccentric Olivia Chatham has found her life's calling. Crime Buster. Tucker Monroe. The small Wisconsin town's mysterious new resident, discovers he, too has a mission. Keeping up with her. ~book jacket.

Review: I received Oblivious from Tracee at Pump Up Your Book Promotion and agreed to read and review it. I have to say, it probably wasn't something that I'd pick up off of a shelf. That being said, I really did enjoy it. I thought the character were hilarious and very well written. I adored Olivia Chatham and well Tucker Monroe screamed "HUNK". Both of them aren't really what they seem. At first, ok well during the book at times too, Olivia comes off as a bit dim but proves that she isn't and is actually quite smart. Olivia wasn't the most worldly but she definitely had a naivety that was refreshing. I thought the crime that they set about solving was quite humorous and entertaining. I'm not saying murder is funny but well how Olivia, Tucker and her best friend Josie go about solving the murder.

I also enjoyed the book for it's "Midwest Flavor". I could definitely picture Chatham, Wisconsin and well I think Chicago is the best city that I've ever been to. The whole town is a hoot and Olivia's parents are quite fun too.

I can't really say much more without giving it away, so I won't.

I have to say that the cover of this book does it no justice at all. I would definitely recommend getting a different cover for the next print run. If Ms. Depre writes another book with Olivia Chatham, I'm in. I will say that the comparison's to Janet Evanovich are pretty good, but I do think Ms. Depre has a bit to go until Olivia is as popular as Stephanie Plum.

For a fun light read, I definitely recommend Oblivious.

Check back tomorrow when Cyndia Depre does a guest blog for us.

Final Take: 3.75/5


Jenn November 5, 2008 at 2:46 PM  

I think that's going on my TBR pile! :)

Anonymous ,  November 5, 2008 at 9:18 PM  

Thanks so much for the review, Julie! You are very fair, and I appreciate that enormously. To be honest, the Evanovich comparison baffles me. I read her first book when it came out, sometime in the mid-nineties (I think) and liked it a lot. Even though I have her others, they are still on my TBR pile. (That pile is getting out of control!) But my oh my, wouldn't I love to have a character as popular as Stephanie Plum! Every writer's dream! In the meantime, I'll settle for bringing a smile to fewer people, and think how lucky I am to have my work published.

Thanks for being part of my tour. This is my first one, and it's all ever so exciting! Your kind words about my book were lovely, and I'm grateful.


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