Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jenn's Review: Devil Bones

Summary: Dr. Temperance Brennan's quest to identify two corpses pits her against citizen vigilantes intent on a witch-hunt in bestseller Reichs's exciting 11th thriller to feature the forensic anthropologist (after 2007's Bones to Ashes). While working in Charlotte, N.C., Brennan investigates remains unearthed during a housing renovation and discovers disturbing clues possibly pointing to voodoo or Santeria. She must determine if the bones, including the skull of a teenage girl, are linked to an unidentified headless torso found in a nearby lake. Intent on using the deaths as the cornerstone of his crusade against immorality, fundamentalist preacher turned politician Boyce Lingo claims that the bodies bear the mark of devil worshippers. With the help of Det. Erskine Skinny Slidell, Brennan unearths a tangled web of dirty politics, religious persecution and male prostitution. Reichs, whose work inspired the hit TV series Bones, once again expertly blends science and complex character development.

Review: Another highly enjoyable novel by Reichs -her writing became so accessible after her first novel! She really has found a rhythm. I found the subject matter of the latest installment of Temperance Brennan far more satisfying than the last, at least for me. Reichs takes on the myths surrounding non mainstream religions and the fear mongering of politicians and religious zealots that can lead to chaos and destruction.

I was, however, slightly disappointed with Tempe (not Reichs) in that it took her a long time to decipher the perplexity regarding the second body. Maybe I've watched a little too much Bones, but I knew exactly the circumstances that created the confusion regarding the second body as soon as they found it. But, to be fair, Tempe was having some personal issues here. The last book turned Tempe's love life upside down. This book is continuing to deal with the fallout four months later. Hounded by the media and coping with death, motherhood, and lost love, Temperance falls off the sobriety wagon. (I was actually a little shocked at how quickly she could jump back on the wagon. Not having any experience beyond what I've read, I didn't think it was all that easy; Reichs made it out to be like flipping a switch ~perhaps my only real criticism of this book.)

I guess it is a testament to how much I love this series, that I really want to see Tempe get her love life back together. Aimless twenty-something daughters and ex-husbands will always be difficult, but Tempe should at least be allowed to win in love. Reichs has opened some options for Temperance and while I will still be routing for a rugged, handsome detective, Temperance (uh, I mean Reichs...) will make her own choices. Whatever they are, I look forward to reading about them in the next novel.


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