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We do accept books for review.  We each have different tastes, so please make sure you're contacting the right person with your request:

We are:

Alice ~ Email Me
At this time, I am not accepting any novels for review. Thank You.
  • Contemporary Fiction, Memoirs, Romance, Women's fiction (AKA Chick-Lit), and Young Adult
  • Ratings Philosophy
  • Tree-book or Kindle format

Jenn ~ Email Me
  • Young Adult, Mysteries, Thrillers, Crime, Paranormal, & Food-Lit 
  • Ratings Philosophy
  • Format:  Tree-book or Nook format - No PDF files, please!

Julie ~ Email Me
  • Chick-Lit, Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Crime/Mysteries/Thrillers, & Women's Fiction
  • Ratings Philosophy
  • Format:  Tree-book 

Lisa ~ Email Me
  • Contemporary Fiction, Women's Fiction (AKA Chick-Lit), some Historical Fiction & African American Fiction (this does not include Ghetto Lit)
  • Ratings Philosophy
  • Format:  Tree-book
Got questions?  Email us!

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